The ONLY taggie reassurance clothing

No more lost blankie panics
No more frantic searches in the dark!

taggies are made

to be your childs

favourite PJs

For all your girls and boys

Children spend almost half their lives in PJs

Practical & Unique PJs made with taggie tags!

Clothing with purpose, helping reduce anxieties.

taggie provides the reassurance of tags right by your childs side.
Made for the rough and tumble!
@ taggie we make clothing fit for real life.
For your little girls and boys
Bamboo summer pyjamas available now.
At taggie we make things different!
From the materials, to tags, to creating for real life.
taggie for your child
Right by your childs side, what ever their taggie need
Our Story
Whomever our taggie clothing is for, we hope they love them as much as our kids do.